Some things are done with clay, on canvas, or with an elaborate installation. Others, not so much. Apps have become an integral part of an artist’s life. They can educate, simulate, sketch, and organize artists and art lovers. Here are 6 that you will probably want to check out. ProcreateContinue Reading

Art is found in galleries, theaters, movies, and dance competitions. It is found in museums, festivals, concerts, and other formal events. It is also found in your sketchbook, your street, or the park. Today’s piece deals with a question asked by many artists: Do I need to go to artContinue Reading

Once or twice I’ve come across people who love the overlap between the arts and sports and try to find common grounds. I’ve actually had an interesting debate with a friend of mine. She’s a painter, but that’s not important. We were debating whether sports can be considered a formContinue Reading

When we think of an athlete, we may be tempted to picture a typical jock. Someone who emphasizes the importance of physical education and who brags about personal achievement while doing flips. We can also imagine some of our favorite athletes and teams out there on the field winning theContinue Reading

There are artists that have already reached immortality. However, art is more than just ideas, expressions, and helping us deal with both of them. It is also about influencing society as a whole. Here are the 5 artists that were the most influential in 2020. Banksy If you went online,Continue Reading