In a world grappling with environmental challenges, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder how our individual actions can make a difference. However, the truth is that every single effort counts. The collective power of individual actions is immense, and by making conscious choices, we can contribute to the preservationContinue Reading

Some ideas revolutionize art. We change the way we see the world and what art is supposed to show us. Is it the divine, or the human? Is it the effect society has on individuals or vice versa? Is it a blob that is open to interpretation?  Some of theContinue Reading

While browsing the Internet, people learn about different things, find important daily news or come upon entertaining tips like Online Football Bookmakers & Betting Advices. Reading through some kind of social forum, I came across a simpler and more misunderstood phrase than ‘social change’. So, I am going to coverContinue Reading

Every technological boom brings with it a shift in the need for services and, subsequently, jobs. That means that the position you have spent your life, or at least a few years, preparing for may become obsolete. Does technology cause unemployment? It’s a bit more complicated than that. Automation AsContinue Reading

Some things are done with clay, on canvas, or with an elaborate installation. Others, not so much. And that’s where we rely on technology, mainly the internet. With the internet, artists can learn about so many different things – how to use acrylics, how to create a mixed media printContinue Reading

One of the words you often hear from environmental activists and others is ‘sustainability’. I’ve personally been guilty of overusing it a few times, but it is because it’s one of the main concerns about natural resources, though the idea is not limited to the environment. Here’s what it means.Continue Reading

We’ve heard the arguments, talked to loved ones and strangers, and overviewed scientific evidence. And yet, there are still people that don’t believe in climate change or global warming or any effect people make on the environment. Why?  Personal Experience (With a Dash of Bias) Many people don’t believe inContinue Reading