Technology has brought us many things we cannot imagine life without. For example, there is transportation, healthcare, communication, clothing, IoT, and so much more. So, it is natural to turn to technology to solve some of our biggest environmental problems. The question is: Can it be done? After all, itContinue Reading

Once or twice I’ve come across people who love the overlap between the arts and sports and try to find common grounds. I’ve actually had an interesting debate with a friend of mine. She’s a painter, but that’s not important. We were debating whether sports can be considered a formContinue Reading

Environmentalists and economists in favor of sustainability often support clean energy sources. Today, we are going to discuss what clean energy is and what its types are. Definition Clean energy, sometimes called renewable energy, is the energy that comes from sources that can be easily replenished and which has zeroContinue Reading

Climate change deniers aside, I’ve come across people who genuinely believe that humans either don’t cause global warming or that they do so in a minuscule way. The argument behind this belief is that the perfectly natural occurrences, like volcanic eruptions, fill the atmosphere with so much more stuff thanContinue Reading

When we think of an athlete, we may be tempted to picture a typical jock. Someone who emphasizes the importance of physical education and who brags about personal achievement while doing flips. We can also imagine some of our favorite athletes and teams out there on the field winning theContinue Reading

Smart homes are slowly, but surely becoming a thing. It is not just a collection of toys for adults anymore. Okay, it’s a little bit of that, but the thing is we are slowly getting more and more gadgets and devices that truly have a practical use in our homes.Continue Reading

The first form of sustainable energy that usually comes to mind is solar energy. This post is going to compare the advantages and disadvantages of using solar power. My idea is that everyone would be acquainted with the pros and cons before making any type of decision, including the oneContinue Reading

There are artists that have already reached immortality. However, art is more than just ideas, expressions, and helping us deal with both of them. It is also about influencing society as a whole. Here are the 5 artists that were the most influential in 2020. Banksy If you went online,Continue Reading

For decades, environmental activists have been very vocal about climate change and the need for renewable energy sources. Even before that, the coal and lumber industries were subject to criticism by scientists who believed that there needed to be a way to efficiently harness the power of the sun, wind,Continue Reading