Hardly anyone could imagine how fast the renewable energy sector has developed over the past few years.

All forecasts on the expansion of renewable energy have consistently been surpassed.

This section provides an overview of the most recent and pertinent annual renewable energy related statistics for the EU-27. It covers the electricity, heating and cooling and transport sectors, as well as social, economic and environmental statistics. The data provided is based on a range of sources including EREC Members, Eurostat and national statistics.

The information is categorised as follows:

  • RES Share: Share of Renewable Energy
  • RES-E Share: Share of Renewable Electricity
  • RES-H&C Share: Share of Renewable Heating & Cooling
  • RES-T Share: Share of Renewable Energy in Transport
  • Jobs
  • Turnover
  • Citizens
  • CO2
  • RES Future: The Future of Renewable Energy