Project description

The project "European heating and cooling market study" (Ecoheatcool) ended in December 2006. It aimed at disseminating information on district heating & cooling and at showing that district heating and cooling, often labelled as mature technologies, can indeed expand further in an enlarged EU and offer high energy efficiency and security of supply with low carbon dioxide emissions. The project tried to do this by:

  • analysing the heating and cooling demands in Europe with a view to provide comprehensive, aggregate information about the whole heating and cooling market and its dynamics in Europe

  • analysing and making visible possibilities for district heating and cooling

  • providing a tool for assessing the primary energy efficiency of district heating systems from conversion to delivery to the final customer

  • assessing and communicating the implications from more district heating and cooling in relation to European policy objectives

  • providing recommendations for strategies to encourage the development of sustainable heat and cold supply options.


Objectives and project outcomes:


  • A new harmonized European heating and cooling index. The new heating and cooling index allows for a more accurate identification of specific heat demands. It considers optimal climate envelope, and internal heat gains. 
  • Comparable magnitudes of European heating and cooling demands. 
  • Identification of possibilities with district heating and cooling in Europe.
  • Implications from more district heating and cooling in Europe as lower carbon dioxide emissions, higher security of energy supply, more rational use of energy supplied, and less congested power grids during summer.
  • A tool for assessing the energy and environmental performance of district heating systems.
  • Higher awareness of district heating and cooling benefits.


To find out more about the ECOHEATCOOL project, please visit the project website.