The Renewable Energy House



The Renewable Energy House (REH) is the headquarters of EREC and the focal point for renewable energy issues in the Europe Union’s capital, Brussels, close to the European Institutions (the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council). The Renewable Energy House creates synergies between renewable energy stakeholdersand allows easy access to information on renewable energy to interested parties and the public at large.  In 2009, the European associations located in the Renewable Energy House employed more than 100 staff. The Renewable Energy House brings together major actors in the field of renewable energy in Europe, thereby representing one of the fastest growing economic sectors with an annual turnover of EUR 70 billion  and providing over 550.000 jobs, while meeting about 10% of Europe’s current energy demand.

The following associations are all in the Renewable Energy House, under the same roof: 

EREC: European Renewable Energy Council

AEBIOM: European Biomass Association

EGEC: European Geothermal Energy Council

EPIA: European Photovoltaic Industry Association

ESHA: European Small Hydropower Association

ESTELA: European Solar Thermal Electricity Association

ESTIF: European Solar Thermal Industry Federation

EUBIA: European Biomass Industry Association

EU-OEA: European Ocean Energy Association

EUREC Agency: European Renewable Energy Centres Agency

ADEME:  French Environment and Energy Management Agency

ARE: Alliance for Rural Electrification

EBA: European Biogas Association

EUFORES: European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources

EHPA: European Heat Pump Association

E2BA: Energy Efficient Buildings Association and ECTP: European Construction Technology Platform

Greenovate! Europe

HEA: Hydro Equipment Association

PANGEA: Partners for Euro-African Green Energy

WindMade: The label for wind users


The Renewable Energy House is the perfect showcase for the integration of innovative renewable energy technologies in a historic building. The Renewable Energy House was refurbished on the basis of renewable energy and energy efficiency considerations. Hence, for the first time in Brussels, a 140 year-old building was renovated with the aim of minimise the energy consumption of the building and of exploring different methods of integrating renewable energy technologies, making it a 100 % renewable energy building.

La maison des énergies renouvelables constitue un foyer de discussion et d’information sur les énergies renouvelables en pleine capitale de l’Union Européenne et à proximité des institutions européennes (la commission européenne, le parlement européen, le conseil de l’Union Européenne). La maison des énergies renouvelables sert de vitrine à des technologies innovatrices dans le secteur dans un bâtiment historique de 140 ans. La maison des énergies renouvelables a été rénové sur base de mesures d’efficacité énergétique et en intégrant des énergies renouvelables, afin d’en faire un bâtiment fonctionnant à 100% à l’énergie renouvelable.

Het Hernieuwbaar Energiehuis is het centrale informatiepunt voor hernieuwbare energie in Europa. Het Hernieuwbaar Energiehuis is in Brussel gelegen, in het hartje van de EU, en in de onmiddellijke nabijheid van de Europese instellingen (Europese Commissie, Europees Parlement, Raad van de Europese Unie). Het Hernieuwbaar Energiehuis is de perfect showcase voor de integratie van innovatieve hernieuwbare energie technologieën in een historisch gebouw (140 jaar oud). Het Hernieuwbare Energiehuis werd op basis van hernieuwbare energie en energie-efficiënte overwegingen gerenoveerde met als resultaat een gebouw dat voor de volle 100% in zijn energiebehoefte voorziet door middel van hernieuwbare energie technologieën.