EU-Russia Energy Technology Centre

Project description

The EU-Russia Energy Technology Centre (ETC) - OPET Russia, based in Moscow, was established in the framework of the RTD actions under the specific programme for research, technological development and demonstration on "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development" (part B Work Programme for Energy of the 5th Framework Programme of the EU). It serves as a contact point for Russian and European companies active in the field of hydrocarbons, coal and electricity as well as renewable energy and energy efficiency and should facilitate co-operation and technology transfer between the European Union and the Russian Federation. EREC provided expertise in the field of renewable energy sources. Two Co-Directors were appointed for the Technology Centre: Torsten Woellert as EC Co-Director and Yuri Malakh as Russian Co-Director.

The creation of the ETC is an integral part of the EU-Russia Energy Dialogue started in October 2000 at the Paris Summit. In the corresponding Synthesis Report endorsed at the EU-Russia Summit in October 2001, the creation of the ETC was mentioned as a priority action.

The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation provided its strong support for the establishment of the Energy Technology Centre (ETC) as one of the actions for technology co-operation.

The  efforts of the experts working in the ETC were aimed at the achievement of:

  • Enhanced co-operation between EU and Russia on new energy technologies

  • Promotion of EU energy technologies in the Russian market through the organisation of workshops, training sessions and other information dissemination activities
  • Penetration of EU energy tehchnologies in the Russian market through the identification and implementation of feasible projects
  • Contributing to the long-term EU energy strategy in ensuring a stable, secure, diverse, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly supply of energy to the European Union



 2004 activities according to working programme

  • Finalisation of analytical review “Resources and potential of renewable energies in Russia and opportunities of technology exchange for the use of renewable energy between Russia and the EU”
  • Facilitation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects:
    1. Small Hydropower in North Ossetia
    2. Geothermal project in Kaliningrad region
    3. Energy Efficiency in St. Petersburg
    4. Wind Energy in Northern Russia
  • Round Table: "Renewable Energy Policy Development - How Relevant is the EU Experience for Russia?"on 22 June 2004. The participants from Russia, the EU as well as independent organisations and associations had the chance to discuss the topic Renewable Energy Policy Development, and in particular "How relevant is the EU experience for Russia?"
    Apart from certain renewable energy technologies, such as wind and small hydropower, the institutional and economic barriers to renewable energy development in Russia received special attention. EREC provided a vision for the future - EREC Scenario for Renewables for 2040. 
  • Issuing of a RES Technology Bulletin in Russian with summaries in English
  • Support to EU RES manufacturers interested in the Russian market


2005 activities


2006 activities

  • Round Table: "Solar Thermal - Perspectives in Southern Russia" on 17 May 2006. Despite its commercial viability, solar thermal has not found its way onto the Russian Market yet, however the one-day event clearly showed the increased interest of Russian market players in this area and the willingness to collaborate with the European solar thermal industry. The roundtable attracted more than 50 high-level experts. The presentations were followed by a stimulating debate. The roundtable focused on highlighting the prospects for implementing the solar thermal technology in the Southern regions of the Russian Federation as well as on showcasing concrete applications for solar thermal heating and cooling technologies such as the Renewable Energy House in Brussels.